Advanced Elastine Night Creme Complex with DMAE

Advanced Elastine Night Creme Complex with DMAE

$24.00 USD

Tests have indicated that the most effective elastin extract must be high in amino acids. With 99% active amino acids, the elastin extract introduced by us had 10 times the potency of most other elastins. And now, we’ve added DMAE for added firming action plus a new mixing process for better absorption.


-Be sure to alternate Elastin and Collagen creams. Use Collagen to encourage the skin to continue producing moisture and Elastin to help firm epidermis.

- Other companies use liquid elastin extract with 10% amino acids. We use the powder elastin concentrate with almost 100% amino acids. It is obviously much more time-consuming and expensive to blend the powder into a cream, but we feel the results are worth it.

-Vital for customers on weight loss program. Also ideal to use throughout pregnancy, to avoid stretch marks.

-New lighter texture is now even more effective under the eyes.

-We use beef for our Collagen & Elastin because its amino acid chain is similar to that of humans. It cannot be replicated by plant ingredients.


Our elastin addressed a major aspect of skin firming elasticity. But now, with DMAE we add another facet of skin firming – Muscle Tone.


- High potency of Elastin restores skin leaving it smooth, even and bright in the morning

- Not only improves skin’s firming elasticity, but also firms muscle tone of skin with DMAE

- Specially formulated for better absorption