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Ancient wisdom for the modern male.

For centuries, men have relied on Tribulus terrestris to promote virility* and keep them feeling their strongest.* In TestronSX, the potent properties of Tribulus have been coupled with Nettle root, Oatstraw and Muira Puama to create a powerful combination designed to maintain men’s health* in today’s demanding world.

  • support for men*
  • promote virility*
  • stay feeling strong*

Living strong in the modern world.
If you’ve done any work in the yard, you know the toughest plants in the garden are weeds. Strong, sturdy and sprouting up everywhere. It’s a testament to the strength of weeds that humans spend so much time pulling them. And maybe it’s that inherent strength that gives Tribulus terrestris its coveted properties. Classified as a weed and also known as Puncture Vine, Tribulus has long been considered key to keeping men strong and virile.*

However, TestronSX is more than just Tribulus. Nettle root, Oatstraw and Muira Puama are also considered key botanicals for men’s health.* By combining them with Tribulus, TestronSX offers broader support for different aspects of the male body, and because it is safe and natural, it can provide benefits for men of all ages. In order to keep fit and healthy, some of the most active men—athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world—rely on TestronSX.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.